Meet the Farmers

We are a family owned and operated no dig, no till, certified producer farm located in Fresno County.  

Our small quarter acre farm is fairly new and started in April of 2020. Having our former business severely impacted by the Covid shutdowns, we decided to turn a hurdle into an opportunity and start an essential business that we both loved, and that would stay open!  

Growing up on a 30 acre raisin farm and seeing my parents constant hard work, determination, patience, and discipline have provided me with all of the tools necessary to keep this farm growing.

Our farming philosophy is rooted in many of the natural farming principles laid out by Masanobu Fukuoka.  Soil health is very important to us and our goal is to produce nutrient-dense food.  We never use any chemicals or fertilizers of any kind.  Even gophers are allowed free range! The only thing we add to our soil (once a year) is wood chips and organic compost.  The compost we use is certified organic and does not contain any bio-solids or animal by-products.